ZETA – ZT3154021MP – All Season 21″ Tires Impero 315/40R21

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Product Information


Zeta Impero is an all-terrain as well as an all-season tire for SUVs and light trucks. With four large longitudinal grooves, Impero removes water and increases wet weather performance. Its lateral grooves reduce the chances of hydroplaning. Impero’s 3 center block with optimized shoulder improves driving stability, maximizes grip during cornering, and provides a quiet ride.

Features & Benefits

  • Special tread design improves the soft, loose and uneven terrain traction ability.
  • 4 wide longitudinal grooves drain water easily and improves wet weather performance.
  • Side grooves reduce chances of hydroplaning and provides excellent grip on the wet surface.
  • 3 center block boosts straight driving stability.
  • Optimized shoulder blocks maximize traction during cornering providing a quiet ride.

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